Reliable Shipping

Reliable Shipping Achieve ISO9001 Accreditation

With the continued growth of Reliable Shipping since our inception in 2010 the decision was made to further improve the companies standing by aiming to achieve ISO9001/2015. Putting in place a Quality Management System was always going to enhance Reliable Shipping’s reputation further within the industry.

Utilising the services of the British Assessment Bureau, we applied for ISO9001 and arranged our first Audit to establish where to begin and indeed how to proceed with the accreditation. We knew going in that there would be multiple changes required as we had no Quality Management System quite this specific in place.

We took care in all Customer Service employed but this standard would certainly lift our levels and capabilities.

They say that the Quality Management Standard is a mark of confidence, something to really show customers and potential clients that we, as a company, like to ensure an overall quality for all who utilise our services.

After a few months of work, some changes here and there and multiple new files and documents we at Reliable Shipping were very proud to receive the ISO9001/2015 accreditation at our first attempt. We achieved everything required of us with time to spare and put in place a very detailed QMS.

Staff and Customer alike will benefit from the standard and Reliable Shipping just gained another valuable certification.

The Future IS Reliable…