Reliable Shipping



Given the Electronic/Paper trail often required for our industry we aim to ensure all our staff understand all of the paperwork and documentation required when importing and exporting goods across the globe.
As is often the case with current procedures, a certain amount of paperwork is accepted via electronic means, but there are still some documents and processes that require physical documentation either by Law or upon request of the customer.

What we offer…

Reliable will always
confirm or request:

  • What documentation you will need
  • Where you will get the documentation
  • When you will need the documentation
  • How to complete the documentation

Example Requirements:

  • Master Bill of Lading
  • House Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection Certificates

With regards in particular to Customs Clearance…We understand how urgent our clients’ cargo can be, with this in mind we aim to pre-enter all consignments so that we can highlight any problems before the cargo arrives at the port.

  • Establish required paperwork
  • Confirm and recieve additional documentation if required
  • Request updated documents should an invoice or packing list be incorrect
With direct EDI software link to UK CHIEF systems, we are able to clear your cargo through all UK Sea and Air ports, whether you have to import or export shippments, our highly experienced team will endeavor to help you to clear your goods without any delays.

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