Reliable Shipping

Reliable begin Apprenticeship Program – Introducing Saffron Corkhill

With business going well and additional cargo and customers coming on board it was only natural that Reliable Shipping would require more staff to cover the workload.

After employing another full time Operations Clerk the decision was made to look into an Apprenticeship Program.
Interviews began slow with no real standout candidate among the initial offering. All were young so experience wasn’t what we were looking for. Management were intent on finding a person who would ‘fit’ with the current staff, someone fun and outgoing who was keen to learn, their skills and experience were entirely secondary.

Step forward Saffron Corkhill!

The final applicant to be interviewed simply excelled at the initial stage. For a young lady Saffron showed real potential and looked to be a good addition to the already strong team within Reliable Shipping.

Offered the job it was clear that Saffron intended on approaching the opportunity head on ensuring the Apprentice work was completed ahead of schedule and the additional skill work in Maths was also completed in and around her daily duties.

The lead into the full Business Administration Level 2 NVQ is soon to begin after the initial preparation and we at Reliable have no doubt that Saffron will continue to approach this opportunity with the same keen focus she has already exhibited in her short time here.